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Welcome to the The Ballplayers stats page, where you can find the most comprehensive stats on ALL The Baseball Players Alphabetically. What you will find on the players stats page is a brief biography, hitting stats, pitching stats (where applicable), fielding stats, miscellaneous stats and Items of note including uniform number and salary (when available). Plus a helpful glossary LINK at the bottom of the page to help you identify the abbreviations. The Baseball players stats are brought to you by

The Ballplayers-David_Aardsma.
Aar-Azo Aardsma to Azocar
Bab-Bel Babb to Bell
Bel-Bos Bella to Bostock
Bos-Buf Boston to Buffinton
Buf-Bys Buford to Bystrom
Cab-Cha Caballero to Chavez
Che-Con Cheadle to Conway
Con-Cza Conwell to Czajkowski
D'A-Dic D'Acquisto to Dickerson
Dic-Dyl Dickey to Dyler
Ead-Ezz Eaddy to Ezzell
Faa-Fos Faatz to Fossum
Fos-Fyh Foster to Fyhrie
Gab-Gog Gabbard to Goggin
Gog-Gys Gogolewski to Gyselman
Haa-Hay Haad to Hayes
Hay-Hof Hayhurst to Hofferth
Hof-Hyz Hoffman to Hyzdu
Ian-Izt Iannetta to Izturis
Jab-Juu Jablonski to Juul
Ka'-Kno Ka'aihue to Knoll
Kno-Kyl Knolls to Kyle
Laa-Lew Laabs to Lewis
Ley-Lyt Ley to Lyttle
Maa-Mat Maas to Mattis
Mat-McN Mattox to McNulty
McP-Mon McPartlin to Money
Mon-Myr Monge to Myrow
Nab-Nym Nabholz to Nyman
O'B-Ozu O'Berry to Ozuna
Pab-Pet Pabst to Petty
Pet-Pyz Pettyjohn to Pyznarski
Qua-Qui Qualls to Quisenberry
Raa-Rit Raabe to Ritterson
Rit-Rze Rittwage to Rzepczynski
Saa-Ser Saarloos to Service
Ses-Smi Sessi to Smith
Smi-Str Smithberg to Stroud
Str-Szu Stroughter to Szuminski
Tab-Tom Tabaka to Tompkins
Tom-Tys Toms to Tyson
Uch-Utl Uchrinscko to Utley
Vac-Vuk Vache to Vukovich
Wac-Wes Wachtel to Westbrook
Wes-Woo Westerberg to Wood
Woo-Wys Woodall to Wysong
X No Players
Yab-Yva Yabu to Yvars
Zab-Zwi Zabala to Zwilling
Chicago Cubs-Dutch Zwilling.


The Baseball Players-Alphabetically

David Aardsma to Dutch Zwilling