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T205 Reprint Set like the Original Set has Gold Borders and is considered the Blue Ribbon of Baseball Card Sets

T205 Reprint Set with Cards From The Greatest Players Of All Time


These T205 reprint baseball cards can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of the originals through this site. These are the players that are available, The T205 Reprint Set Card of Ty Cobb , Cy Young, Christy Mathewson, Tris Speaker, Walter Johnson, John Evers, Eddie Collins, Ed Cicotte, Frank Chance, Hugh Jennings, Irvin Wilhelm, Joe Tinker, John McGraw, Miller Huggins, Rube Marquard, Zach Wheat, Ed Walsh, Roger Bresnahan. The hottest looking baseball cards from 1909-1911 definitely has to be the T205 Gold Borders, (the T205 Reprint Set Has Gold Borders). Issued by the American Tobacco Company, the complete set consists of 208 colorful, lithographed cards. Actually, 11 different cigarette companies - all under the ATC - distributed the Gold Borders. The set features players from both the major and minor leagues.

The cards could be found in packs of Drum, Cycle, Hassan, Honest Long Cut, Piedmont, Sovereign, Sweet Caporal, American Beauty, Broad Leaf, Hindu, and Polar Bear cigarettes. The most common advertisements are of Piedmont and Sweet Caporal. Each card from the 208-card set measures 1-7/16" by 2-5/8" and shows a photo mechanical print of the player in one of several poses. For example, some of the players are shown with or without caps.

Also, some cards have autographs and some donít. Players from the National League feature the facsimile autographs (the first ever in any card set).

The cigarette companyís fronts of there cards varied. For example, some cards feature the portrait of the player surrounded by a diamond backgrounds and various baseball equipment. In fact, all American League players are depicted in this way. National League players feature an upper body portrait of the player on a plain background. Minor League players are shown almost in full body views, or in action shots.

The T205 card backs have in-depth player statistics and biographies along with the usual cigarette advertisement. Another first is the use of the playerís full name on the card backs (Major League players only). Minor League players do not have statistics included in the Gold Border set are 12 cards depicting minor league players, five of whom are shown in the T206 set. The values of the Piedmont and Sweet Caporal cards are generally less because of there scarcity.

An example of the value of these 100-year old baseball cards is one of Home Run Baker. A PSA 8 graded example of Bakerís card can fetch more than $20,000! The T205 cards with little damage to the gold trimmed borders carry high values. In fact, locating any of these cards in the mid to high grade category can be a challenge, but you can get the T205 Reprint Set and individual cards at fractions of the original and they are in excellent condition.

T205 Ty Cobb Reprint Card

T205 Ty Cobb Reprint Card

"The great trouble with baseball today is that most of the players are in the game for the money and that's it. Not for the love of it, the excitement of it, the thrill of it." - Hall of Famer Ty Cobb (1925)

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