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Hello Baseball Fans:

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting this page. I truly hope you take a few moments and read the following text. You really can make a difference and all I ask for is a few minutes of your time.

Baseball-Cards-and-Collectibles.com is not commercially sponsored or financially backed in any way. Our only source of income has been revenue through the sale of my personal baseball cards and private donations from people exactly like yourself.

Baseball-Cards-and-Collectibles.com is seriously attempting to record the events of our national pastime in an easy to use format.

Baseball-Cards-and-Collectibles.com invites you to invest in our passion. Contributions are needed for future projects, box score integration, renovation of the site itself , and so much more can be made possible with your help. Any donation( as little as a $1.00) truly makes a difference. Checks and Money Orders, or any baseball item you wish to donate are sent to Below Address.

Payable to: Robert Evans
C/O Baseball Cards-and-Collectibles.com
53 Saddlebrook Drive
Sewell, New Jersey 08080

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1. Telling friends about Baseball-Cards-and-Collectibles.com helps. Why? As we do not advertise, word of mouth is critical to our success. We can't tell your friends about us, but you can.

2. Bookmark us. Repeat visitors means repeat traffic and increased page views equals increased ad revenues by bigger and better companies looking to promote their products. If you don't like or use bookmarks, please remember Baseball-Cards-and-Collectibles.com whenever you are looking for any form of baseball information.

3. Donate your baseball "stuff". The items donated will be displayed on our site.

In closing I extend my thanks to all those who have helped in the past and I hope you are on board in the future. Baseball-Cards-and-Collectibles.com sincerely hopes that if you read this page choose to help in any way listed above. It would make all the difference in the world and if you can help in more than one way, thank you, thank you & thank you again.

Sincerely,Robert Evans, Baseball-Cards-and-Collectibles.com Webmaster

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